German Radio Service (GRS) offers a made-to-measure product to our customers.

Let us send your music to radio stations and media in

-> Germany/Austria/Switzerland

-> The Netherlands

-> US/ Canada

-> Australia/NZ

-> UK/Ireland

->The Nordics

With over 25 years of experience we are working ONLY with official platforms. No crapy  „radio airplay guaranteed“.  In Germany we are also working with a network of over 2000 editors, radio-DJs and moderators. GRS is an affordable, simple and reliable service for artists, labels and publishers to promote their music to radio broadcasters in some of the most important music business territories in the world.

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GRS operates only with official platforms like MPN, PlayMPE and more.


In Germany we send your music to radio/media via the MPN (Musik Promotion Network).


MPN is the research platform for music editors from radio, print, TV and online media and serves as the music delivery standard for more than 95% of German radio stations.

The network is available for media partners via internet at all times. All tracks can be listened to and all information relevant to broadcasters, like news about artists and songs/albums, composers and publishing details, is included.

Radio stations will receive a digital delivery of the audio files in top broadcasting quality. GRS provides this service free of charge to the radio stations.

  • GRS is an affordable service for musicians, labels and publishers to receive a first impression of how their music is accepted in market
  • We send your music only to official platforms
  • Special packages for Germany (see below)
  • Get feedback from selected editors/DJs and decision makers (Diamond Package)
  • We can send out special newsletters to German radio staff, important editors, journalists and DJs
  • we can send your music to College Radio in Germany and other countries
  • Radio stations have access to your music and relevant information 24/7
  • Generate airplay and royalties in some of the biggest markets in the world
  • every campaign includes a minimum 30 day FREE global airplay tracking
  • See who is interested: you will get stats from each country

Is it worth the value?

We at GRS know, that it is hard to get and uphold radio airplay.

Most of the stations are adding only a very few new songs to their program. On the other hand more labels and musicians are releasing more and more music every day. Smaller labels and self releasing artists do not have the promotion budgets to compete with major record companies. But if your song is not published in official platforms, it will hardly get any airplay by „real“ radios. We can help you to publish your music in the right platforms, in the right markets while looking at your budget and listening to your music.

German Radio Service is a simple and cost-efficient way to send your song to „real“ radio stations, and maybe it will be heard by millions of listeners in some of the worlds biggest markets.

If we find out your song has even more potential, we can suggest promotion companies for plugging your music in markets like USA or UK.

Prices are depending on your music, the selected countries and the release format, so please send us the details of your upcoming campaign.

Exclusive Packages for Germany:


—— 600 € ——

serving your music via MPN (Musik Promotion Network) to over 2000 registered radio/media users, including official MPN-Newsletter and airplay tracking


—— 800 € ——

includes Gold package PLUS personal mailing to targeted radio stations & personal contacts


—— 1000 € ——

includes Gold & Platinum package PLUS feedback from selected German editors/DJs and playlist decision makers.

Further additional services can be added: finding a tour booker for Germany, tour promotion, suggestions for further Radio-, TV-, Online-, Press-Promotion, airplay monitoring and more.

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This is a Spotify playlist with music from some of our customers.


We use global monitoring via WARM.

If you want to try a FREE 30 day trial, please to use our referral link. Thanks!

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